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Microsoft unveils a very advantageous Game Pass to play with friends



The American giant has lifted the veil on a brand new Game Pass formula, soberly called “Friends & Family”

After a leak reporting a new subscription formula to share for the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft has finally spilled the beans, formalizing once and for all its subscription “Friends & Family”. Unlike Netflix, which wants to declare war on account sharing, the American giant seems rather adept at sharing. The new formula of its Game Pass will indeed make it possible to take advantage of Microsoft’s online services for up to five users at the same time. All for just over €21 per month, or approximately 5€ per person.

The winning formula for Microsoft?

The Game Pass may be one of the most popular video game subscriptions on the market, but Microsoft seems to have realized that the trend is towards account sharing. With this new business model, the company intends to bring in more players, all for an obviously more expensive subscription, but yet more economical when weighted. Remember that for comparison, a classic Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription is offered at € 12.99 per month for a single user.

Concretely, this new subscription should combine the advantages: in addition to being cheaper for players, it will allow you to take advantage of all the advantages of the Ultimate Pass on console and PC, as well as the different catalogs of games, some of which are available in streaming. Each member of the “family” will have its own access via personal account, so it will not be necessary to share password and username. In the same spirit, no content will be shared between players.

Another good news, it will not be necessary to live under the same roof to benefit from the service. The mention the reference “Friends” in the new subscription is not there by chance, since Microsoft has confirmed that anyone can share their account. Only obligation: to reside in the same country.

Price and availability

For the moment, this new Friends & Family subscription is reserved for Ireland and Colombia. However, we can hope that the service will be quickly deployed in France once the first test phases have passed. The prices should also align with those announced by the Emerald Isle: count €21.95 per month for five players simultaneously. Note that those who have already subscribed to a classic Game Pass will be able to choose to convert their subscription when the Family offer is available. Count 18 days of Friends & Family Pass for 30 days of Game Pass Ultimate.

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