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Microsoft’s ‘Keystone’ TV dongle is pushed back



Streaming is seen by Microsoft as the cornerstone of the Xbox offering. The publisher continues to enrich the catalog of games playable online, and it still intends to launch a dedicated device.

The Xbox Cloud Gaming service plays an increasingly important part in Microsoft’s strategy for its Xbox platform. So much so that the manufacturer does not hesitate to offer its AAA games in streaming the same day of their release in physical version. Enough to push many players to lose interest in the consoles themselves: what’s the point, since any computer, smartphone or tablet can access this extremely attractive catalog.

The TV module starts from scratch

And Microsoft wants to go even further. ” Our goal is to empower people to play the games they want, on the devices they own, anytime. “, explains the company. The Xbox Cloud Gaming offering is available on many platforms, but more needs to be done. A year ago, Microsoft announced the development of a dongle to plug into a television to access its catalog of online games.

The launch of this key is unfortunately not for now. The group has confirmed that work is continuing around this project, which officially has the code name “Keystone”. But it will be necessary to wait before being able to connect it to a TV or an external monitor. ” We made the decision to move away from the current version of Keystone Microsoft said.

As part of our technical journey, we constantly evaluate our efforts, review what we’ve learned, and ensure we deliver value to our customers. “, explains the manufacturer who relies on this expertise to ” recenter [ses] efforts on a new approach “. In other words, the current project has been shelved and Microsoft is starting from scratch or almost.

The importance of this project is such that Microsoft should not miss it. It is indeed better to step back than to launch with a poorly finished product. Perhaps we will know more during the June 12 presentation during which the publisher will reveal some of its future gaming projects.

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