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Midterm elections | Republicans believe they can win a majority in Congress



(Washington) Reinvigorated by the polls, the Republican opposition led by Donald Trump wants to send “a warning shot” to the Democratic majority of Joe Biden and seize Congress in the American midterm elections, even if the ruling camp has not said its last word.

With 48 hours of “decisive” legislative and local elections for the future of “democracy” in the United States, in the words of Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama, the Republican Conservative Party believes in its chances of a “giant wave” on November 8. This is what ex-President Trump predicted on Saturday evening, at a rally in the pivotal state of Pennsylvania, defeated in 2020 and who dreams of a revenge for the presidential election of 2024.

Some 40 million voters have already voted in advance according to the NBC channel on Sunday and the two camps show more or less their confidence in a politically and culturally ultrapolarized country. The Democrats, however, are much more feverish.

“Big Night” of the Republicans

Senate Republican cacique Rick Scott predicted a “great night” on Tuesday evening while Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin assured ABC that his Republican Party “offered common sense solutions” to the concerns of Americans, d first inflation and crime.

“This is going to be a wake-up call for President Biden,” said the elected official.

Sure of their victory thanks to polls and donors who carry them in the lead, the Republicans will “accept” all the results of the polls, whether they win or lose, assured Sunday the president of the party, Ronna McDaniel, on CNN.


Republican Party Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel

While we fear a wave of protests by the most conservative and close to Donald Trump, she welcomed the Republican “good momentum” to swing Congress to the right on Tuesday evening.

For two years, the Democrats have had a narrow majority in the House of Representatives and a single majority vote, that of Vice President Kamala Harris, in the Senate.

Disputed results

Leader McDaniel thus contradicted many statements by candidates close to their champion Donald Trump, who never admitted his defeat in the November 2020 presidential election.

Kari Lake, who aspires to the post of governor in Arizona, for example refused to say that she would respect a result in the form of a defeat against her Democratic opponent in this divided state in the southern United States.


Kari Lake denounced during his campaign the result of the presidential election of 2020, ensuring that the election was stolen from Donald Trump.

Same thing in Wisconsin, where incumbent Republican Senator Ron Johnson did not say he would bow in the event of a defeat to Democrat Mandela Barnes.

According to the Democratic camp and analysts, there would be some 300 Republican candidates ready to contest the results of the national and local elections Tuesday evening.

Asked about the people monitoring certain advance polling places, Ronna McDaniel also assured that “no one should intimidate voters”, while defending the right to observe the electoral process.

The polls predict a clear victory in the House of Representatives for the Republicans, who could also regain control of the Senate.


Residents of Mableton, Georgia wait to cast their early vote in the midterm elections.


On Saturday in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden, 80 in two weeks, and the always charismatic and good orator Barack Obama urged their voters at campaign meetings to defend “democracy”. Facing them, Donald Trump, 76, called for “a giant wave” Republican to “save the American dream”.

He accused the ruling Democrats of being “communists” and promised to put an end to the “destruction of the country”.

Sunday, Joe Biden, Catholic and who presents himself as the president of the middle classes, attended a mass in his stronghold of Delaware before going at the end of the day in the great northern suburbs of New York to support the Democratic governor of State, Kathy Hochul, in trouble in the polls against her Republican challenger Lee Zeldin.

“We are going to keep this majority,” New York Democrat elected to the House of Representatives, Sean Maloney, launched on NBC.

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