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Midterm elections | Trump and Biden warm up their troops on the eve of the ballot



(Washington) Two men, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, who are each playing their political future, and an America which is about to test again the solidity of its democracy: the race for the crucial mid-term legislative elections was Monday in its home stretch.

The current and former presidents were to face each other by interposed rallies, at the end of a campaign which starkly exposed the divisions of the first world power.

In a tense climate, with Republican candidates who threaten not to recognize a possible defeat, Russia blew on the embers.

“We interfered, we do and we will continue to do so. Carefully, precisely, surgically, in our own way,” a Russian businessman close to the Kremlin, Yevgeny Prigojine, said on Monday.

Elon Musk, who has just taken control of Twitter, has crashed into the last hours of the campaign. The billionaire called for voting Republican on his account with 114 million subscribers: “Power sharing limits the worst excesses, so I recommend voting for a Republican Congress, given that the presidency is a Democrat”.

“Four more years! »

However, it is not on Twitter, from which he is still excluded, that Donald Trump is raising the suspense over a candidacy for the presidential election of 2024.

The billionaire will be at a rally on Monday in Ohio, an industrial state in the Midwest emblematic of the concerns of this America that he has been able to seduce: the modest middle class, mostly white, living in the countryside or in peri-urban areas, tempted by a general decline in the face of globalisation.

Sunday, under the cries “Four more years! Four more years! of his supporters, he urged them to “stay tuned” for this meeting on Monday.

Americans are called to the polls on Tuesday to renew the entire House of Representatives and a third of the Senate. A whole host of major local elected positions are also at stake.

“Red wave? »

Republicans are showing growing confidence in their chances of overthrowing Congress entirely. That is to say not only to take the House of Representatives, which is the classic scenario in the “midterms”, but also to wrest Joe Biden’s slim control of the Senate.

The party now openly dreams of a “red wave” – ​​the color of the conservatives.


Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy, a possible future Republican boss of the House of Representatives, already considered on Monday on CNN extensive investigations into the record of Joe Biden, ranging from the withdrawal from Afghanistan to the management of the pandemic of COVID-19. Even dismissal procedures.

” A choice ”

The “midterms” are converted into a referendum on the occupant of the White House, which very rarely escapes the sanction vote.

Joe Biden should again repeat on Monday, for his last rally in the state of Maryland, on the outskirts of Washington, that this election is not a referendum on his action, but “a choice”, in particular on the right to freedom. abortion and democracy.

Faced with the effectiveness of a Republican campaign centered on runaway inflation, Democrats have tried to insist more in recent days on the reforms launched by Joe Biden to lower the price of drugs, alleviate student debt, revive the industrial employment… But Americans will not feel the effects for years, while they suffer every day from soaring prices.

Donald Trump, for his part, threw himself headlong into the campaign, giving these “midterms” the appearance of a second round of the 2020 match. Or even a warm-up round before 2024?

Joe Biden says so far he intends to run again, but the prospect does not delight all Democrats, because of his age – soon to be 80 – and his unpopularity.

decisive states

The ballot, and in particular control of the Senate, is being played out in a handful of key states: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin and North Carolina.

In total, nearly 17 billion dollars will have been spent for these midterm elections, according to the Opensecrets site, a record.

Also on the rise, early voting: Monday, more than 40 million Americans had already voted in advance, surpassing the level of the 2018 legislative elections, according to the US Elections Project. However, it is impossible to say who benefits from this trend, even if historically, early voting leans towards the Democrats.

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