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Minecraft the Movie casts Aquaman in the title role



After a long delay suggesting a cancellation, the Minecraft movie is still relevant and finds one of its stars.

ofAquaman to Minecraft, there is only one step… Or only one block! The adaptation of Minecraft in live action movie begins to see the light of day and finds one of its stars.

Jason Momoabest known for his roles asAquaman in DC Comics films and Khal Drogo in Game Of Thrones is in the midst of discussions to join the Minecraft creative game adaptation project. This simple news allows first to see that the film on the cult video game has not finally been abandoned.

A project in “survival mode

The beginnings of this film take us back to 2014. At that time, the creator of Minecraft, Notch, revealed thata Minecraft movie could see the light of day in partnership with Warner Bros. The film then began its development eight years ago.

In 2016, fans of the survival and construction game discover with joy the first official news of this adaptation project. Mojang then revealed the simplistic title of the film: “Minecraft: The Movie” and an expected release date of May 24, 2019.

Everything seemed to be going well, but that was just the start of trouble for the Hollywood adaptation of Minecraft Steve’s adventures. The project continues to change teams, with several of its directors abandoning the project due to creative disputes with the team at Mojang.

Chaining delay after delay, the film is then promised for March 4, 2022, all announced in a tweet that has aged very badly : “The dates ! Dates are important because they allow us to make room on our calendars for exciting, or rather MONUMENTAL, events! Like the Minecraft movie that finally has a release date!”

Faced with a complicated development worthy of a part of Minecraft in hardcore survival mode, few signs that the film would eventually see the light of day. But fans can rejoice, the project seems to be relaunched with a vengeance.

What to expect from this adaptation?

The presence of a big name such as that of Jason Momoa shows the will of the film crew to make it a real success. It remains to be seen how the universe of a game as free and creative as that of Minecraft will be transcribed narratively on the screen.

The synopsis of the film revealed by Mojang reveals a simple narrative, but faithful to the game : “The evil Ender Dragon goes on a destructive frenzy, driving a young girl and her band of out-of-the-ordinary adventurers on an adventure to save the world”.

No date has yet been revealed, probably to avoid repeating past mistakes. However, the rights to use the Minecraft license held by Warner Bros expire in January 2023forcing production on the film to begin before that deadline.

See you in a few years to potentially discover Jason Momoa going on an adventure pickaxe and sword in hand to save the universe.

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