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MLB The Show 22 | An always reliable veteran ★★★★



Don’t look for big news in the 2022 edition of MLB The Show, which simply digs its groove as the most accomplished baseball video game. And this year, for the first time, all consoles are invited to the party.

Last year, Sony dropped its exclusivity and launched an Xbox version of its game MLB The Show, designed by his San Diego home studio. This year, we open the door to the Nintendo Switch, for which we must however be satisfied with the reduced version for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Our test was done on a new generation console, the Xbox Series X, which like the PS5 now offers 4K and 60 fps rendering. The fluidity of the gestures, the realism of the players and the graphic quality have never been so impressive.


Everything from the pitching batter to the pitcher’s swing, even to the fielder seen from afar, is licked to the point where it feels like watching a real live game. We are very far from the robotic mimicry and somewhat jerky gestures of just a few years ago.

Adaptive AI

Of course, a game that first came out in 2006 and has seen constant additions and improvements since then doesn’t really need to be turned upside down in its 17and editing. Note that we now offer cross-platform saving, which allows you to start a game, for example, on an Xbox Series X and continue it on the PS5, if you have deep enough pockets to buy both versions.

The game itself is all about customization, allowing you hundreds of possible combinations. For example, you can control your launcher or batter in four different ways, from the most technical for regulars to the simplest, with two buttons and a joystick.

You are rewarded if your throw or your shot is perfectly timed and it takes hours of practice to learn how to direct the ball properly. We have the feeling, this year, that the players are even more reactive and that the developers have introduced more nuances. It is practically impossible, for example, to repeat the same key combination over and over again, hoping to obtain a good result every time. The pitch, your batter’s momentum or even the weather conditions will cause the results to be different from time to time.


The secret, which is not quite a secret since you are warned from the start, is that MLB The Show 2022 adapts to your level of play. If you manage to strike out batters too easily or multiply the hits indecently, you will face increasingly tough opponents.

Return of Diamond Dynasty

Catches on the field can be fully controlled by the computer, and your only intervention will be to select the goal to which you want to return the ball. Runners can advance automatically or, if you feel proficient, achieve whether you order them to go to the next base or stay wisely where they are.

Added to these configurations is the possibility of creating your own player, of building a brand new stadium which is added to the very faithful replicas of the 30 homes of professional baseball teams.


If you want to create your own league, the Franchise mode allows you to play owner, create your own logo and choose your uniform. We obviously have access to major league players but also to minor league players up to AA for exchanges, progressions and complete career monitoring.

The Diamond Dynasty mode, which allows you to form dream teams thanks to star players obtained as rewards, is back. We also created a new mode, Mini Season, a season of 28 games between eight teams.

The verdict: a game more realistic than ever, which has been entitled to some improvements that improve a winning recipe, but without major novelty. And if the customization possibilities can confuse the new player, we have considerably simplified the interface so as not to be overwhelmed by all the different sub-menus and modes that are accessible, but in the background.


MLB The Show 22

Developer: SIE San Diego Studio

Platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Price: $89.99 (next-gen consoles), $79.99

Rating: 4 out of 5

Tried with a copy provided by SIE on Xbox Series X

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