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Montreal Auto Show | Exceptional models




The collections of Luc Poirier and Automobile Etcetera come together and take us on a real guided tour of the Ferrari house. A dozen creations from the famous Maranello firm will pose at the Palais des Congrès, including the F2004, a Formula 1 car driven by Michael Schumacher. Among the “road” cars, we will find a jumble of an Enzo, a Dino, F50, Aperta, SP2 Monza and an F8 Tributo, to name a few.



Lotus Emira

Lotus is doing us a favor this year by revealing the Canadian preview of the Emira. This is the latest creation from the English brand to be powered by an internal combustion engine. The buyer has the choice between a four-cylinder and a six-cylinder. Both drive only the rear wheels. The firm, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, is actively preparing its first mass-produced electric SUV called Eletre.



Maserati MC20

A satellite within the Stellantis galaxy, Maserati reveals its new flagship in Montreal: the MC20. This two-seater equipped with scissor doors hides a carbon fiber chassis and a new engine. Called Nettuno, in reference to Neptune whose trident represents the brand’s hieroglyph, this supercharged 3.0L V6 occupies the central position of the hull. Rather compact (4.67 m), the MC20 is available in coupé and convertible versions. A fully electric version will join the range within two years and will feature the suffix Folgore (thunderclap, in Italian).



McLaren Arthur

Before 1992, it was near a circuit – unless you were a driver – that you could admire a McLaren. Today, this immense know-how acquired in competition takes to the streets. The Artura, his latest creation, is a fine illustration of the contribution of racing to the progress of (small) series cars. For example, the opening angle of the cylinders is comparable to the architecture of a Formula 1 engine. As for the (rechargeable) hybrid system attached to it, it not only increases the power to nearly , but it also allows an electric range of some 30 kilometers.



Lamborghini Huracans

The furious bull brand is celebrating its 60th anniversary in Montreal this year. Lamborghini presents a myriad of products, including the Huracan STO and Tecnica, the most sophisticated of its current sports cars. More than the Tecnica, the STO is intended for use on a closed circuit and therefore achieves slightly higher performance. In addition to these two vehicles, Lamborghini is also presenting a collection of its Urus utility vehicle, the Italian brand’s most popular vehicle at present.

Rolls Royce


Rolls Royce Phantom

Never before has Rolls-Royce sold so many of its products in Canada. The arrival of the Cullinan, a utility, is certainly not unrelated to this success, but that does not explain everything. The famous British company is capturing the attention of an increasingly young clientele. Indeed, between 2010 and 2020, his average age fell from 56 to 43 years old. And it has, on average, six models of the brand in its garage… In Montreal, there is a Phantom Nighthawk edition made by the Bespoke division of the brand. Only one car was assembled for this model.

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