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Montreal Electric Vehicle Show | Window shopping



Watture lovers meet. The Montreal Electric Vehicle Show (SVEM), which will open its doors at the Olympic Stadium on Friday, April 22 and will close the following Sunday, will lift the veil on a string of novelties. We will be able to discover the F-150 Lightning from Ford, the bZ4X from Toyota, the Solterra from Subaru, without forgetting the monumental BMW iX.

Quebec, land of welcome

Quebec has passed the milestone of 130,000 electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on its roads! Last year, Quebec was the largest market in the country with 43% of green vehicle sales. La Belle Province is ahead of British Columbia (28%) and Ontario (23%).

Moreover, according to a study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), more than 20 million electrified vehicles will be on the roads of the world by June. There were only 1 million six years ago…

tax the greens


President and CEO of Porsche Canada, Marc Ouayoun

The Minister of Finance of Canada, Chrystia Freeland, should soon submit to the government the tax terms surrounding the luxury tax that the Canadian government intends to impose on buyers of vehicles, aircraft and boats. While acknowledging the federal government’s concern for fairness, the President and CEO of Porsche Canada, Marc Ouayoun, nevertheless believes that green vehicles should be exempt from this tax.

A coming revolution


To lead the development of this new generation of batteries, Nissan has erected a prototype plant at its research center in Kanagawa, Japan.

You can not stop progress. A few days ago, Nissan lifted the lid on its advances in all-solid-state laminated battery cells. Less heavy, less bulky, these have an energy density approximately twice that of lithium-ion batteries. As a bonus, they also cost a lot less. The Japanese manufacturer estimates that it will be able to offer them from 2028.

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