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“More arrogant than Ronaldo”, Mbappé’s behavior with a strongly criticized magician



Kylian Mbappé’s attitude with a magician during a recent evening earned him very severe criticism.

If he does not seem to have attended the recent birthday party organized by Neymar on Saturday for his 31st birthday, Kylian Mbappé had not missed, a few days earlier, the gala organized by Presnel Kimpembe for his association. An evening during which the Parisian striker was seen watching the Real Madrid match in the Spanish Cup.

But another video of this evening made the buzz. It shows the tricolor world champion abruptly dismissing a famous English magician who came to solicit him. For the first time, Julius Dein, who has no less than 6.8 million subscribers on Instagram, asks him, taking out his deck of cards, what his favorite superhero is. ” Me “does not hesitate to answer the Bondynois.

A highly criticized attitude

And after answering Superman when the magician specifies a superhero from a movie, Kylian Mbappé does not hesitate to plant the magician as he prepares to start his turn. Enough to put Achraf Hakimi at ease, who assures him that his teammate will come back. But a bodyguard intervenes and leaves Julius Dein no hope.

The English magician preferred to laugh. “I managed to make Mbappé disappear”, he commented. Internet users have shown much less leniency towards the former Monegasque, clearly criticizing his attitude. ” I hate Mbappé’s attitude. I never thought I would say this one day, but he is much more arrogant than Ronaldo “, in particular launched one of them. And Kylian Mbappé was all the more criticized as Lionel Messi, also present at this evening, was much more receptive to this same magician…

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