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Most Stolen Vehicles | SUVs and pickups remain overrepresented



The organization Equity Association recently published the list of the most stolen vehicles by proportion in the country. Reading this list of 10 models, one thing is clear: interest in thieves goes hand in hand with consumer consumption habits.

Thus, it is the Honda CR-V (2016 to 2021 model years) that sits at the top of this unenviable list in both Canada and Quebec. The compact SUV was involved in 4,117 flights across the country, including 2,917 flights in Quebec alone. Eight of the ten vehicles most popular with thieves in Quebec are SUVs or pickup trucks.

In La Belle Province, the Ford F-Series (model years 2015 to 2020) ranks second, while it is third in Canada. According to data from Équité Association, 1,182 copies of this van were stolen in 2021 in Canada, including 391 in Quebec. Intriguingly, the second most stolen model in the country, the Lexus RX, is not even listed in this top 10 in Quebec.

Owners inevitably pay the price for this popularity when it comes time to sign their insurance contract. That said, installing a tracking system can save money and provide greater peace of mind.

The vehicles most sought after by thieves in 2021 in Quebec

  1. Honda CR-V (2016-2021)
  2. Ford F-Series (2015-2020)
  3. Honda Civic (2016-2021)
  4. Jeep Grand Cherokee (2011-2020)
  5. Honda Pilot (2016-2021)
  6. Toyota Highlander (2013-2019)
  7. Honda Accord (2018-2021)
  8. Toyota Tacoma (2016-2021)
  9. Toyota RAV4 (2013-2018)
  10. Acura RDX (2019-2021)

Source: Equity Association

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