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Motorcycle 2023 | Overview of what’s new



In Quebec, despite the polar cold, February is traditionally the month of motorcycle shows. In 2023, finally, after a long break forced by the pandemic, they are back. Both the rendezvous of motorcyclists and those who dream of becoming one, these events are the perfect opportunity to see and touch the latest innovations. Here is an overview.



BMW S1000RR 2023

Previously absent from the hypersports scene, the BMW brand finally entered it through the front door with its revolutionary S1000RR in 2009. Thanks to its immense power and cutting-edge technology, the model has established itself at the top of the class. For 2023, the manufacturer ensures the status quo of this dominance by retouching all aspects of the monster. Among other things, electronic assistance now makes it possible to control slides when entering and exiting curves, handling is refined thanks to a new, more flexible frame, weight is reduced and aerodynamic fins help the front end stay on the ground. in full acceleration.

Harley-Davidson Road Glide 3


Harley-Davidson Road Glide 3 2023

Founded in 1903, the manufacturer Harley-Davidson celebrates its 120e anniversary in 2023, an occasion it will celebrate in mid-July with a “Homecoming Festival” in Milwaukee as well as by unveiling several new models. One of the first additions to the 2023 lineup is the Road Glide 3. Featuring a three-wheel architecture, it’s powered by the 114 cubic-inch Milwaukee-Eight V-Twin and borrows the fairing from the popular light-touring Road Glide . A reverse gear facilitates tight maneuvers, a rear trunk offers good storage volume and an infotainment system is part of the standard equipment.

Suzuki V-Strom 800DE


Suzuki V-Strom 800DE 2023

All new for 2023, the V-Strom 800DE is inserted between the V-Strom 650 and 1000 in the Suzuki range. Both in terms of its price of $13,299 and the displacement of its all-new 776 cc parallel twin, the new 800 truly represents an intermediate size. The V-Strom 800DE is distinguished by adjustable suspensions whose travel of 220 mm is the longest ever offered by a V-Strom. As the model is also equipped with a large 21” front wheel, it portends real off-road capabilities, probably the best of any V-Strom offered to date.



2023 Honda TRANSALP

The reason why Honda has been depriving the North American market of its most interesting new products for several years is very difficult to pinpoint. One thing is certain, however: the trend will continue in 2023. As proof, the absence of this very attractive reinterpretation of the legendary TRANSALP, an adventurous middleweight introduced in the mid-1980s, but completely redesigned in 2023 due to the popularity of the adventure class. Powered by a 755 cc parallel-twin engine, the new TRANSALP is not advertised as a competition machine in disguise, but rather aims to be a friendly all-purpose vehicle capable of effortlessly transitioning from trail escapades to travel.

Ducati Diavel V4


Ducati Diavel V4 2023

Voted the most beautiful motorcycle at the last EICMA international show, the new Diavel V4 is indeed a beautiful piece. As broad-shouldered as it is stocky and menacing, it is mechanically distinguished by the adoption of the 1158 cc V4 Granturismo generating close to 170 hp, a power that the huge 240 mm section rear tire can fully exploit. Of course, equipped with a full suite of electronic steering assistance, the Italian novelty offers a reduced mass of 13 kg compared to the previous model, which was powered by a twin. Ducati also announces it to be more comfortable and promises a 0-100 km under three seconds, therefore exceptionally fast.

Triumph Street Triple 765


Triumph Street Triple 765 2023

Triumph has ceased production of pure sports cars, but has obviously not abandoned high-performance mechanics, since it is the official engine supplier of the MOTO2 class, the MotoGP support category – the F1 of the motorcycle. To underscore the fact that a 765cc English three-cylinder engine powers every MOTO2 class mount, Triumph offers a family of Street Triple 765 road cars. Each of the three variants offers in 2023 more power, higher quality components and greater potential on the track. The flagship of the family is the MOTO2 Edition, which stands out for its exclusive finish and high-caliber Öhlins suspensions.

KTM 890 Adventure/R


KTM 890 Adventure/R 2023

Apart from the update of the 890 Adventure and its R version, there are few new features at KTM in 2023. However, it is very interesting to note the recent acquisition by KTM AG of 25.1% of the Italian brand MV Agusta. A distribution agreement has also been entered into between the two companies for distribution and maintenance. You should know that MV Agusta has been trying for a long time to stabilize its financing and its network of dealers, problems that the alliance with KTM AG is precisely aimed at. Will the Austrian group continue in the process with a complete acquisition of MV Agusta? To be continued.

Trade shows in 2024


Motorcycle shows are very cautiously resurfacing after a long hiatus due to the pandemic.

From half a dozen before the pandemic, the number of “official” Canadian motorcycle shows will drop to just two in 2023, the first being Toronto, February 17-19, and the second, Montreal, February 24 to 26. It should also be noted that a new group distinct from the manufacturers’ association will organize Expomoto in Quebec City, from February 10 to 12. This is an uncertain time for trade shows, which are very cautiously resurfacing after a long hiatus due to the pandemic. Attendance will determine the decisions that will be made for the year 2024, both in terms of builders who are reluctant to return and the number of events to hold.

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