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Motorcycle | 2023 Tiger 1200: When Triumph Takes Dust Seriously



(Albufeira, Portugal) There are more adventure-class motorcycle enthusiasts today than ever before. Some actually use them to cover themselves in mud, while others take advantage of their versatility to travel. And still others really only like their style. Since it is difficult to satisfy all these preferences with a single model, Triumph offers five versions of its new Tiger 1200.

A thousand and one choices


Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer

Several manufacturers offer two versions of their adventurer models: one favoring road use and the other better equipped for riding on trails. The new Tiger 1200 follows this trend, but offers even more choice by offering three variants – base, Pro and Explorer – of the road-leaning GT and two variants – Pro and Explorer – of the Rally intended for regular off-road riding. The GTs feature slightly shorter travel suspension and a 19″ front wheel, while the Rallyes are taller and use a 21″ front wheel essential for serious trail use.

A whole new platform


Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Pro

Triumph has been producing big-displacement adventure-class models for years, but the manufacturer has never really established itself as a reference in this universe where KTM and BMW occupy the leading positions. However, with this brand new generation, Triumph officially announces that it is attacking the BMW R1250GS, the best known and most famous model in this class – which the GS has also given birth to. Such a goal forced the British brand to completely redesign its Tiger 1200. Weight being the number one enemy of these behemoths when ridden off-road, the redesign was carried out with a focus on lightening above all else.

Yo-yo diet


Triumph Tiger 1200 Explorer

By revising every part of the Tiger 1200 without exception, Triumph has managed to reduce its weight by 25 kg, which is enormous and brings clear benefits in absolutely all conditions of use. That said, even though all the versions are built around the same platform, some are so equipped that their weight becomes very high again. Not to name them, we are talking about the two Explorer variants which are distinguished by their huge 30 L fuel tank (50% larger) and by “wall-to-wall” protection bars giving them the air of a tank. assault that many amateurs are particularly fond of.

Very different roles


Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer

Not all new Tiger 1200s are created equal. For example, the attractive off-road handling qualities demonstrated by lighter models like the GT and Rally Pro do not apply to the big Explorers. Better equipped than all the other Tiger 1200s and able to be accessorized with good-sized suitcases, the Explorers are on the other hand very comfortable on the road. Provided the rider has the stature and experience to handle their build and height, they make excellent long distance mounts thanks to their good comfort for two and their ability to tackle any type of surface.

The GTs and GT Pros


Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Pro

Motorcyclists wishing to benefit from the relief work carried out by Triumph must therefore exclude the Explorers and choose between the GT or GT Pro and the Rally Pro. Even when quite capable of driving off-road, the former are especially at ease on asphalt, where they take on the role of extraordinarily versatile road cars. Light to handle, they devour the rows of bends, generally don’t care about the state of the surface and offer excellent performance thanks to the 148 hp of the all-new in-line three-cylinder engine. Pleasantly torquey from low revs, it is distinguished by a sound and character literally identical to those of a V-Twin.

The Rally Pro


Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Pro

Benefiting from higher suspensions than those of the GT and a large 21-inch front wheel, well equipped, but without excess, the Rally Pro is formidable in off-road driving, especially if it is shod with adequate tires. Of all the new Tiger 1200 family, this is the version that benefits the most from the lightening of the platform, since it is on the trail that the advantages of a lower mass are the most convincing. It is one of the few high-displacement adventurers that can be driven quite aggressively on very rough terrain and not only survive the exercise, but also be pleasant to drive.



Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Pro

So, did Triumph succeed or not in surpassing the famous BMW? It’s a fun question. Without having compared them directly, we could answer it by saying that the characteristics of the GT Pro and the R1250GS are indeed similar, but that their driving experience remains very different. One thing is clear, however, and that is that very few brands – and perhaps only KTM – offer machines of this displacement as comfortable off-road as the Rally Pro. As it is also quite comfortable in road use, it is easily the jewel of this interesting new family.

Travel and accommodation costs were paid by Triumph.

Technical sheet

Brand: Triumph
Model: Tiger 1200 GT/GT Pro/GT Explorer/Rally Pro/Rally Explorer
Price: $22,300/$24,800/$27,600/$25,800/$28,700
Warranty: 3 years/unlimited mileage
Engine: 1160cc liquid-cooled inline three-cylinder
Transmission: 6-speed, shaft final drive
Fully fueled weight: 240/245/255/249/261 kg
Front brake: 2 discs with 4-piston calipers and ABS
Rear brake: 1 disc with 1 piston caliper and ABS
Front tire GT: 120/70 R19 / Rally: 90/90 R21
Rear tire: 150/70 R18

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