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MSI Unveils World’s First 4K 144Hz Mini-LED Laptop



The new version of the Titan GT77 will strike a blow with a panel that promises to be sumptuous at all levels.

We are coming to the home stretch before CES, the annual high mass for the entire tech ecosystem. And like every year, the manufacturers take the opportunity to teaser their most interesting novelties. Today, it’s MSI’s turn to unveil an impressive (trans) portable PC; say hello to the new version of the Titan GT77, a real racing beast equipped with a unique panel.

The latter stands out on several levels. To begin with, there is the display technology used: the manufacturer has bet on the mini LEDs. Screens of this kind are composed of tiny diodes whose diameter does not exceed 0.2 millimeters. This provides better color reproduction and greater contrast than traditional LED panels.

But the biggest advantage is the gain in brightness. Where most PCs roughly turn around 300 nits, the slab of this Titan promises to shine brightly since it can deliver an impressive 1000nits ! Incidentally, this also allows him to claim certification DisplayHDR 1000.

And on top of that figure, mini-LED technology also offers a high degree of control. An LED screen is divided into several dimming zones, or ” dimming zones which allow you to selectively adjust the brightness of different parts of the screen. This makes it possible to avoid luminous overflows on areas supposed to be darker (we speak of blooming). This Titan GT77 has 1024 dimming zoneswhich is much more than the average for traditional LED panels.

This is already a remarkable point, because there are quite a few mini-LED laptops on the market. But this Titan GT77 goes even further; it also proposes a resolution 4K (3840×2160) and a refresh rate of 144Hz ! To our knowledge, this is the First-ever 4K 144Hz mini-LED display in the world on a laptop.

The colorimetric performance will not be outdone either. MSI says its new rocket will cover 100% DCI-P3 gamut. This means that it will also be usable by editors, graphic designers, and other professionals for whom color fidelity is important.

Will MSI dare the RTX 40X0?

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not yet provided any information on the rest of the hardware. So we don’t know exactly what hardware will power this stunning slab. But knowing the philosophy of the brand and the positioning of this model, we can already say without the slightest risk that it will be a real war machine.

If we assume that it will always sail under the Intel flag, like the model currently available, we can already speculate a little bit. It will probably accommodate a very high-end 13th generation CPU, such as an i9-13900 HK. Some observers have also suggested that it might carry an i9-13980 HX.

But the most interesting will be above all the choice of GPU. With a screen of this caliber, it will require very high performance. MSI could therefore opt for a latest generation Nvidia GeForce 40X0 card. But this is in no way a guarantee. Because given the huge energy budget, the monstrous size and the cooling needs of these new models, the simple fact of integrating them into a portable machine represents an enormous engineering challenge.

We therefore give you an appointment at CES from January 5 to discover the complete technical sheet.

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