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MultiVersus dethrones (finally) Elden Ring



Since its release, Elden Ring has been the best-selling game every month…at least, until MultiVersus hit the market.

Since the beginning of the summer, a video game has captured all the attention of players and critics. It is MultiVersusan online multiplayer title that takes up the famous principle of hand-to-hand combat Super Smash Bros., but in 2v2 which has the gift of adding spice to the gameplay. Even better, MultiVersus is a game developed by the studios of Warner Bros. Games, the playable characters are therefore all icons from successful franchises.

This a priori unbeatable recipe has therefore proven itself since the release of the title in early access on July 26 and the game now has more than 10 million players around the world. A rising popularity that could make MultiVersus the game title of the year? If this is still a bit exaggerated, we are frankly not that far from the truth, and the proof is with this new record.

Elden Ring finally on the mat

For the first time since the start of 2022, MultiVersus admirably dethrones the much-loved Elden Ring in terms of sales for the month of July. A rather exceptional situation, especially when you consider that the game from Warner Bros. Games is free-to-play, unlike From Software. This is mainly due to the sale of the founders’ packs which sell for €39.99 to €99.99.

This record is only a temporary feat for the moment, and it will therefore be necessary to analyze the curves over the rest of the year to see if MultiVersus is always inclined to bring in more money thanElden Ring, still considered the game of the year. And on this side, Warner Bros has put the odds on its side by ensuring its players always more new content for the months and years to come. Players will therefore always have reasons to give their money to the firm.

For those who do not know the game, it is the most popular smash-Like of the moment, and it is in particular thanks to its incredible franchises. You can embody characters such as Samy from Scooby-Doo, Steven Universe, Batman or even Bugs Bunny. There is therefore something for all tastes and above all all profiles since each character is full of techniques of their own. A delight in terms of gameplay too, this one being particularly fluid and relevant. If you are still hesitating to get started, here are the 3 reasons that should make you crack.

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