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Murders in Montreal in 2022 | Heaviest death toll in 15 years



Thirty-nine homicides had been committed this year in Montreal, as of December 26. We have to go back 15 years to find an even heavier toll, that is 42 murders that occurred in 2007.

Half of this year’s homicides, 19 out of 39, were committed with the aid of a firearm; this is the same proportion as last year.


In contrast, Major Crimes Commander of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), Jean-Sébastien Caron, points out that there were 14 murders by firearm before August 23 and that this figure fell to five during the last four months of the year.


Jean-Sébastien Caron, Major Crimes Commander of the SPVM

“Clearly, it is linked to several arrests that have taken place and to the police presence which has increased a lot. There is nothing scientific about the police, but when there is presence and arrests, it still sends the message to criminals that they are being watched,” says Mr. Caron.

More organized crime

As of December 26, there were 14 motives for settling accounts out of 39 homicides, more than a third.


Ten of these settling of accounts are linked to organized crime, including three to street gangs.

Among these murders, let us underline in particular those of Stéphane Dupuis, killed in April while waiting in front of a car wash; of one of his relatives, Manuel Légaré, found dead on October 10 in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce district and whose assassination had passed under the radar; and Sébastien Giroux, a relative of hitman Frédérick Silva shot dead in May.

Account settlements and organized crime files, it’s normal that it takes time. We look at them and we analyze them, and with all the communication orders, the telephones, the computers, the GPS, it’s long. You have to get clearance over clearance. These are not cases that are resolved quickly, but we know that we will end up doing so.

Jean-Sébastien Caron, Major Crimes Commander of the SPVM

According to Commander Caron, the settling of scores and murders linked to organized crime explain why the rate of solving murders is, for the moment at least, 56% in 2022.

An exception to the rule

On August 23, in broad daylight, a cocaine importer, Maxime Lenoir, was killed in the parking lot of the Rockland Center. The 30-year-old obviously fell into a trap, having been killed by the passenger of a vehicle near which he was.


Even though it is an organized crime-related murder, it only took investigators a month to arrest the suspects, thanks in part to the numerous surveillance cameras that allowed them to trace the planning of the murder and even to assist in the organization of the escape.

“The cameras have become super useful for us, but it’s enormously demanding. In Montreal, there are cameras. And not only those of the City, especially those of the citizens. We have to make an appointment with each citizen, convince them to give us the videos. The different formats and the analysis of all that, it’s hundreds and hundreds of hours. It sounds simple, but it’s quite complex, all the logistics for the viewing. But it gives us some good leads for investigation. Citizens are receptive most of the time and the resolution of homicide cases requires collaboration with them. Citizens must give us this helping hand. Yes, we know things and we have powers, but the fact remains that there is never anything better than citizens who will collaborate, who will talk to us and give just the little info to get us in line, “explains the Commander Charon.

A great pride

From the year 2022, Jean-Sébastien Caron particularly remembers the arrests of the suspects in the murder of Meriem Boundaoui, this 15-year-old teenager killed by a stray bullet while she was a passenger in a car, in the borough of Saint- Leonard, in February 2021.

Major Crimes has spared no expense in apprehending suspects; in particular, they used wiretapping and an undercover agent during this investigation, which lasted 17 months.

The victims

Men: 32, including two minors

Women: 7

The suspects arrested

Men: 22, including 6 minors

Women: 2

Source: SPVM

I tip my hat to our investigators. They are extremely committed, they want and put in a lot of hours. And what we often forget is the pressure they also have on families. The investigators spend a lot of time with the family members of the victims, whom they accompany to court.

Jean-Sébastien Caron, Major Crimes Commander of the SPVM

The SPVM’s Major Crimes investigators also have the mandate to negotiate the surrender of desperate individuals who barricade themselves and constitute a danger to themselves or others (Network operations) and to investigate robberies in banking institutions.

In 2021, they had been involved in 23 Filet operations, compared to 11 on December 26, 2022, a 50% drop attributed to the deconfinement by Commander Jean-Sébastien Caron.

They investigated 17 robberies at financial institutions this year, compared to 6 last year, or three times as many.

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