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MW2 hasn’t been released yet and the next Call of Duty is already leaking!



A data miner has made some major finds in the files of the alpha version of the new Call of Duty: Warzone…

In early May, the new mobile version of Call of Duty: Warzone currently titled “Project Aurora” was entering its closed alpha phase. The lucky ones selected therefore had the chance to discover the future of the franchise on smartphones in preview. However, Activision shouldn’t have expected any of them to have any evil intentions…

To the dismay of the studio but to the delight of the fans, a user by the name of RealiityUK dived into the heart of the new game’s files and came out with some crisp information. In addition to finding content related to the reboot of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which will arrive on October 28, the leaker has managed to dig up images of an episode of the franchise that has not even been announced yet!

A new Black Ops in preparation?

As usual from Activision, their next FPS will be developed by Treyarch after the work provided by Infinity Ward on Modern Warfare 2. Of course, it is still far too early for this future title to be talked about knowing that its predecessor has not even been released yet… Well, that would be normal.

RealiityUK’s data mining talents have undoubtedly shaken up the studio’s plans. The first images of this game, still unknown to the battalion, appeared on the user’s Twitter account, which has since been deactivated. Deleting the account and its posts only confirm the veracity of this leak and the importance of the images. It is still possible to find some on the internet, revealing in particular a map called Stealth, as well as another called Pillage.

The artwork revealed appears to be concept art used to illustrate loading the map before a game. The game seems to be on the right track, however, according to information published by Bloomberg last February, the new episode signed Treyarch will not arrive until 2024. Thus, 2023 will be a year without Call of Duty, letting players enjoy of Modern Warfare 2 and the new Warzone while waiting for the future title.

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