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Myst is back, but it’s not what you expected



Myst is a game that has made an impression and has forged its place as a cult game, making it an essential classic of its genre.

This time the game returns in a rather unexpected form, since Cyan Inc announces a new partnership with developer Mighty Coconut to deliver a Myst-themed Walkabout Minigolf VR golf game expansion.

The strange cross-over DLC will be available by the end of the year and will be playable on the Meta Questthe SteamVR and other future VR platforms.

Thus, it will be possible to revisit the emblematic environments of the adventure/puzzle game through different virtual golf courses.

What content for this collaboration?

As a reminder, Myst was released in 1993 and turns out to be the best-selling PC game of the 20th century. The game dropped the player on a mysterious island without any clues, and the objective was then to explore the surroundings to unlock its secrets. The impact of this game is such that some recent productions like The Outer Wilds are inspired by the game and try to pay homage to it.

Different tribute from the side of Mighty Coconut who announcement no less than 36 holes on 8 courses, 18 of which are described as “rather easy”, and 18 others which will put the talents of the most seasoned golfers to the test.

The game and its physics advertised as “realistic” will mix the spirit of the puzzles of the original game with the gameplay of a classic mini golf game, which then promises an extraordinary experience, even “mystical”… (You got the joke?)

Additional attraction of this DLC: the possibility of playing it entirely in multiplayer up to four players in an attempt to uncover the secrets that the island of Myst reserve for your special round of golf;

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