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Nacon unveils Greefall 2 and gives Steelrising news



During its BigBen Week, Nacon presents new accessories for Xbox, PlayStation and Switch, as well as two new games.

This week, Nacon opened the doors to BigBen Week, an event centered around the brand’s upcoming novelties. The firm is known for two distinct activities: the publication of video games and the manufacture of gaming accessories, in particular controllers. And during her event, she announced good surprises in both areas.

First, Nacon gave news of its position as editor. The company recalls that during the last three years, it has acquired no less than 9 development studios, which means that it now has 16 in total. An empire that gives it exclusivity on a good number of licenses, such as Greedfall. Moreover, the studio announces the arrival of a second opus by 2024. So it’s not for now, but it’s still good news.

Nacon also presented a new trailer for the game Steelrising, which is scheduled for September 8 only on PS5, Xbox Series and PC. As a reminder, this is an action-adventure game that reinvents the French Revolution. In this game, the insurgents are confronted by the army of Louis XVI, which is only made up of slightly scary robot puppets. Developed by e studio Spiders, the title already promises intense fights.

The firm also took the opportunity to talk about many other games, such as Blood Bowl 3, Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong, KT Racing, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum or cycling games Tour de France 2022 and Pro Cycling Manager 2022. So there’s something for everyone, and some of them are coming imminently.

Regarding peripherals and accessories, Nacon has unveiled some interesting products, starting with the DAIJA Arcade Stick, which will be available before the end of the year on Xbox and PS5. The Revolution X Pro Controller, which we tested, will also be entitled to new colors, including white, to match the Xbox Series S.

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