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Nadal loved it, but…



Exited prematurely from the United Cup with Spain on Monday, Rafael Nadal, beaten in his two matches, finds this competition “brilliant”, to hear him. The Mallorcan would nevertheless like some points of the formula to be reworked in the future.

Beaten in his two matches, against the Briton Cameron Norrie and the Australian Alex De Minaur, Rafael Nadal, like his country, did not drag on in this United Cup, which is currently taking place in Australia. A flash passage from the world number 2 and the Spaniards which did not prevent the Majorcan from enjoying the competition a lot. “It’s great, and the idea too,” Nadal told the press about this mixed team event having everything from an ex-Hopman Cup. The champion with 22 Grand Slam titles liked it a lot, to hear it. He didn’t like everything though. Thus, in the future, the leader of La Roja would like certain aspects of the scheme to be reviewed. In particular, this point of the regulations which requires that an eliminated team remains on the spot to play a meeting which counts for butter.

Nadal: “Things need to be corrected and improved”

“But it’s not great that we’re here today (Monday) playing for nothing. I really believe that in a group of three, the loser of the first game should play with the team that hasn’t played yet, because it makes the competition much more interesting. It’s not good for the tournament if we play Australia today (Monday) when we are both eliminated from the tournament. This wouldn’t happen if the country that didn’t play initially plays against the country that lost on the first day. Then all the roadblocks would make sense. This is the thing which, in my opinion, must be improved in the competition for the future”, estimates in particular the king of clay, suggesting that he would even be ready to line up in mixed doubles if he presents another issue. “The format being what it is, I would probably have played the mixed doubles match, because maybe this match can make the difference. “It’s the first year of the United Cup, so things have to be corrected and improved so that the competition is more interesting for everyone”, concludes “Rafa”, aware nevertheless that Rome was not made in A day.

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