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Nancy Pelosi ‘traumatized’ by her husband’s assault



(Washington) The leader of the Democrats in Congress Nancy Pelosi said she was “traumatized” on Saturday by the violent aggression of her husband, Friday at their Californian home.

“Our children, grandchildren and I are heartbroken and traumatized by the life-threatening assault on our Pop,” she wrote in a letter posted on Twitter.

Paul Pelosi was attacked at his home by a man with a hammer, who was actually looking for Nancy Pelosi.

“We are grateful for the quick response from law enforcement and emergency services, and for the life-saving medical treatment he is receiving,” she added.

Paul Pelosi, 82 — who had surgery and is recovering in hospital — was home alone. Nancy Pelosi was in Washington.

“His condition continues to improve,” added Pelosi in the letter.

San Francisco police say officers found the assailant at the couple’s home just before 2:30 a.m. (9:30 a.m. GMT), where he and Paul Pelosi were fighting over a hammer.

“The suspect ripped Mr. Pelosi’s hammer off and violently assaulted him with it,” San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott told reporters. Later he claimed that Paul Pelosi had been punched at least once.

Police identified the assailant as 42-year-old David Depape.

Scott said Depape will be charged with attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon, burglary and other misdemeanors.

“It was not a random act, […] it was intentional,” he claimed.

The suspect “demanded to see me and brutally attacked my husband Paul,” Pelosi in his letter.

According to American media citing sources close to the family, the assailant had told Paul Pelosi that he was going to tie him up and await the arrival of his wife.

Local media had earlier reported that the individual shouted “Where’s Nancy?” “.

Speaking after voting in his home state of Delaware on Saturday afternoon, President Joe Biden said he “didn’t know for sure, but it appears this (assault) was aimed at Nancy.”

“You can’t condemn the violence unless you condemn these people who keep claiming that the elections weren’t real, that they were stolen — all the crap that was put out to undermine democracy,” he said. -he assures.

According to police quoted by the wall street journalthe suspect had adopted far-right positions on social networks.

In recent months, many elected officials have warned against the resurgence of violence targeting the American political class, Republican Senator Susan Collins declaring that she would not be “surprised” if an elected official or senator “was killed”.

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