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NBA: Beware of tanking!



While Victor Wembanyama is announced as the future number 1 choice of the NBA Draft, some teams could sacrifice their season in the hope of being able to attract the Frenchman. A “tanking” against which the commissioner of the NBA Adam Silver intends to act.

Which NBA franchise will welcome Victor Wembanyama next season? A question whose answer will be given on June 22 during the traditional Draft, an event which allows the least successful teams in the league to attract the most promising young players. However, “Wemby” is already announced as the future number 1 despite Scoot Henderson’s ambition to dislodge the tricolor player.

In order to put themselves in the best conditions to attract the promising player from Boulogne-Levallois, some NBA franchises could be tempted to resort to “tanking”, that is to say voluntarily losing games to go down the hierarchy. The idea is to finish with one of the three worst records of the season in order to obtain a 14% chance of drawing the jackpot during the lottery organized on May 16 and which will distribute the running order for the non- qualified for the play-offs.

Silver: “The draft is, in principle, a good system”

Asked about the subject on the sidelines of a trip to Phoenix, the NBA commissioner Adam Silver assured that his organization has “ warned the teams in the face of this possibility of distorting the game.We will pay special attention to this issue this yearadded the boss of the North American basketball league. The draft is, in principle, a good system. But I understand the current temptation of teams, especially when you have the feeling that a unique player for his generation is comingas is the case this year. »

not hiding that ” teams are smart ” and ” always creative “, Adam Silver does not close the door to a reform of the system if he were to be misled to attract Victor Wembanyama. ” We’re still looking to see if there isn’t a better system yet “, he confided while ruling out the idea of ​​opening the NBA to promotions and relegations which “ would be too disturbing » the economic model of the league. Franchises are warned, they should not play too openly with the rules.

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