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NBA: Fournier soon exchanged?



No longer part of New York Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau’s plans, Evan Fournier has a very good chance of being traded before the February 9 deadline.

In March 2021, the day the transfer market closed, Evan Fournier was sent to Boston by Orlando. Two years later, the French player has a good chance of experiencing the same fate. While the “deadline” is set for February 9, 2023, the Knicks guard (or winger) will most likely no longer be part of the workforce at that time. In any case, this is what the journalist from The Athletic Fred Katz, who follows the New York franchise on a daily basis. According to him, Knicks executives have made phone calls to numerous franchises to discuss the idea of ​​a trade, knowing that 73% of players are currently free to be traded, and that 89% will be in a week. , with players signing a new contract in the summer unable to be traded until December 15. But let’s not forget that trades are rarely made at this time of year, but rather just before the February deadline. Also according to the journalist, the Knicks are ready to add Immanuel Quickley or Cam Reddich to Evan Fournier to be more attractive for a trade. On November 22, the player with 95 selections for the France team nevertheless admitted that he did not want to be traded, for a very special reason: “My wife is pregnant. She will give birth in February. So having me trade now means that I won’t be seeing my family for several months, that I won’t be seeing my new son. I’m at a stage in my career where I don’t want to experience that, ”he confided to several French journalists. But maybe he won’t have a choice…

Mixed record for the Knicks, with or without Fournier

Arrived in the summer of 2021 from Boston, Evan Fournier (30) will earn 18 million dollars this season, then 18.8 million the next. The 19 million option, on the other hand, will have to be exercised, or not, by the franchise where it will be in 2024-25. Still a starter at the start of the season, the Frenchman only played seven games in the five majors, before taking his place on the bench for six games. But since November 15, his coach Tom Thibodeau has decided not to play him at all. In the end, the record is mixed: six wins and seven losses for the Knicks when Fournier was playing, and six wins and six losses since he stopped playing.

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