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NBA: Gobert still in solitary confinement



For the third time in just over two years, Rudy Gobert has been placed by his Minnesota Timberwolves franchise in coronavirus protocol and will miss the game against the Houston Rockets this Saturday.

It’s something that Rudy Gobert is starting to get used to. A few hours before the reception of the Houston Rockets, the Minnesota Timberwolves announced that their French international pivot has been removed from the group and will not take part in this meeting. Through a message published on the social network Twitterthe Minneapolis-based franchise has confirmed that the former Jazz player is placed in the “ health and safety protocols “.

In other words, Rudy Gobert has been placed in solitary confinement on suspicion of coronavirus contamination. A procedure codified since the start of the pandemic by the NBA and which aims to minimize the risk of spreading the virus within the franchise workforce. An absence that could last for several days for the Habs.

Gobert will remain the first

This placement in solitary confinement due to coronavirus must undoubtedly bring back bad memories for Rudy Gobert. Indeed, in March 2020, the native of Saint-Quentin was the first NBA player to test positive for coronavirus. Faced with the risk, the North American basketball league did not hesitate to deploy drastic measures. The championship was stopped for many months before resuming in a sanitary bubble installed in Orlando, which had hosted the entire final phase that led to the title of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Last January, Rudy Gobert was once again forced to isolate himself from the rest of his Jazz team. While he emerges at an average of 12.6 points and 13.6 rebounds per game, the tricolor international will be a major absentee for the Timberwolves, who have seen their balance sheet go into negative due to a three-game losing streak to the Spurs, Suns and Bucks.

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