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NBA: LeBron James fined



Author of an “obscene” gesture in the NBA, LeBron James, the star of the Los Angeles Lakers, was fined $ 15,000.

Last night, the Los Angeles Lakers bowed after extra time on their floor in front of the Sacramento Kings (137-141). It took three extra times to get to the end of the California derby. It’s the Lakers’ first loss this season after extra time. Two days earlier, the 2020 NBA champions won the Indiana Pacers (124-116). A game in which Los Angeles star LeBron James reigned with 39 points.

A dance while touching the genitals

One of the best players of all time had also made an obscene gesture. After passing a three-point throw one minute from the end of the fourth quarter, LeBron James had performed a dance while touching his genitals. Inappropriate behavior that the NBA did not let pass. The four-time NBA champion (2012 and 2013 with Miami, 2016 with Cleveland and 2020 with Los Angeles) was fined $ 15,000, or approximately € 13,000.

The American player was further warned for “using foul language during the post-game press conference regarding the disciplinary rules of the league,” according to the statement issued by the NBA. For having dealt a blow to the face of Isaiah Stewart (the pivot of the Detroit Pistons) last Sunday (121-116), LeBron James had been suspended one game. A sanction that he had little tasted and criticized. “It’s bullshit, but whatever,” the Lakers star had blurted out. In two days, the famous Californian franchise will return to the courts to face the Pistons again.

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