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NBA: Lillard stands out



This Saturday, on the occasion of the All-Star Weekend which is currently taking place on the Salt Lake City side, Portland point guard Damian Lillard won the three-point shooting contest.

The last word for Damian Lillard. This Saturday, on the occasion of the All-Star Weekend of the NBA which is currently taking place on the side of Salt Lake City, the leader of the franchise of the Trail Blazers of Portland, whose studies took place at the university of Weber State , 64 kilometers north of the city, won the three-point shooting contest. The title returned to him after a very last decisive shot registered at the buzzer. This then allowed him to bring his score, in the final, to 26, while it was his third participation in this same event. At the end of it, Damian Lillard delivered his feelings, in remarks reported by theAFP “They say third time is the best and I’m glad it happened here. It’s a perfect situation. I’m glad I was able to do it when I got back to Utah. Regarding this trophy that he finally wins, the point guard added: “Most of the best shooters in the history of our sport have one. Being in this competition many times and not having won it, I just wanted to do it at least once. I’m glad I got it. Now I can retire from this competition. »

The Big McClung Surprise

Now 32, Damian Lillard, the sixth-best three-point scorer in NBA history, triumphed in the final against Buddy Hield, resident of the Indiana Pacers franchise and winner of this same competition on the occasion of the 2020 edition. As well as Tyrese Haliburton, who wears the colors of that of the Sacramento Kings and who had above all brought his total to 31 during the first round of this same competition. This then allowed him to equal the record which dated from 2021 and which is owned by the great specialist, namely Stephen Curry. As for the dunk contest, it went to Mac McClung, unknown to the general public and therefore the big surprise of the day. Coming from the G-League, the main interested party, who obtained a perfect score in the final, was only called at the very beginning of the week by the Philadelphia Sixers franchise. He is the very first G-League player to participate in this competition but, above all, to win it. McClung, now 24, has only played four short NBA games.

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