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NBA: The Warriors with authority



On the night of Saturday to Sunday, as part of the NBA play-offs, the Golden State Warriors crushed the Memphis Grizzlies (142-112), to regain the advantage in this series (2-1).

The evening was very complicated for the Grizzlies. On the night of Saturday to Sunday, as part of the NBA play-offs, Game 3 of the Western Conference semi-finals, the Golden State Warriors crushed Memphis (142-112), to regain control in this series (2-1). However, the first quarter was entirely in favor of the visitors, who led from start to finish, with, however, a maximum lead of +13 (21-8). And it was only at the start of the second quarter that Golden State then took matters into their own hands. In this same period, the local lead went up to +12 (54-42, 64-52), to stabilize at +7 (64-57) when returning to the locker room.

The Memphis defense did not hold

Back, the Warriors then clearly accelerated, in the third and penultimate quarter. Their lead reached +23 (99-76, 101-78), even rising to +32 (142-110), in the fourth and last quarter, before finally stabilizing at +30 (142-112). To build this impressive victory, Golden State relied on three men in particular. A trio who had fun in the defense of Memphis and who reached 78 units between them. Either Stephen Curry (30 points, 2 rebounds, 6 assists), Jordan Poole (27 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists) and Klay Thompson (21 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists). Opposite, top scorer in his franchise, Ja Morant also finished top scorer of this meeting, with personal statistics of 34 points, 3 rebounds and 7 assists, but that was not enough.


Western Conference

Match 1 – Memphis Grizzlies- Golden State Warriors : 116-117
Game 2Memphis Grizzlies – Golden State Warriors: 106-101
Match 3Golden State Warriors –Memphis Grizzlies: 142-112
Game 4 on Monday, May 9 in San Francisco
Game 5 on Tuesday, May 10 in Memphis
Game 6 (if necessary) Thursday, May 12 in San Francisco
Game 7 (if needed) on Sunday, May 15 at Memphis

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