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Netflix buys its sixth video game studio



Netflix continues its harvest of video game studios. The streaming platform, which openly relies on games to retain its subscribers, has offered Spry Fox, creator of Cozy Grove.

Almost a year ago, Netflix launched its catalog of mobile games for iOS and Android, alongside its video content offer. Initially reduced to a handful of titles, the selection has grown rapidly and fifty games is not far away. There’s a bit of everything in every genre, from racing sim to exploration/adventure, platforming and puzzles.

Retain Subscribers

This mobile game offer is intended to grow further, since it is a long-term strategy in order to retain subscribers in a sector, that of video on demand, where requests are more and more numerous. and enticing. The video game can indeed represent a significant bonus, and besides Netflix is ​​not mistaken: the catalog of games is thus integrated into the offer financed by advertising at 5.99 € per month.

And for the past year, Netflix has been buying development studios with a vengeance. Along with Spry Fox, it will be the sixth of its kind. The small company founded in Seattle 12 years ago is behind several titles, including Cozy Grove, which is distributed on Apple Arcade, the manufacturer’s subscription game service. The studio also has two non-violent MMOs in the works, which will therefore most certainly be available via Netflix.

Spry Fox’s unique approach to game development and their hits like Triple Town, Alphabear and Cozy Grove will help us accelerate our creative development in a genre beloved by gamers. “, rejoices Amir Rahimi, vice-president of game studios at Netflix. The objective is to offer a wide range of titles for all profiles.

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