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Netflix continues to dig up cult games: how to access them?



Two new titles are joining the Netflix game catalog, an opportunity on smartphones not to be missed!

The N rouge streaming platform continues to diversify its offer with an ever-growing catalog of mobile games. Netflix introduced this novelty in November 2021, and since then, the service’s toy library has continued to grow with cult games. A few days ago, this is the excellent Into the Breach which joined the slew of games offered. Today, two other titles are arriving and promise to be a hit. Netflix is ​​then slowly but surely advancing towards its goal of 50 games included in its offer by the end of the year.

With a classic game created in 1981 and a multi-award-winning title with original gameplay, in other words, the platform’s catalog strives to offer a variety of experiences. Players from all walks of life will find their account, even the less initiated. This new Netflix offer is even an opportunity for non-gamers to discover some nuggets and get started in gaming at a lower cost. Here are the new games that you can discover now in your subscription.

The classic and the modern

the Mahjong Solitaire and Before Your Eyes are now downloadable for free from your Netflix application on smartphones. The addition of Mahjong Solitaire to the catalog offers a classic of small PC games worthy of the Windows XP era, but with Netflix sauce please! Indeed, the trailer reveals a level Stranger Things, suggesting that some surprises related to the platform’s licenses may well be hiding there. This game will delight both casual players and solitaire experts.

The arrival of Before Your Eyes is a real surprise and this title will impose itself as a standard bearer of the service of the N rouge. Holder of no less than 15 awards, this game is a critical success that has charmed an entire audience of players. The principle is simple, but the gameplay is not common ! Before Your Eyes is a strong narrative experience that uses your phone’s camera to track your gaze and winks to discover the lives of souls past in the afterlife through their eyes. The title is then perfect for a mobile format, but if the gaming smartphone does not attract you, know that on the occasion of this release, the title is available at -50% on Steam for ten days.

To access the Netflix game library, simply go to your application and search for the games of your choice from the search bar or the main menu. Don’t miss these new nuggets as well as previously added titles like Moonlighter or poinpy.

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