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Netflix is ​​betting everything on Stranger Things and video games



Stranger Things is getting a new entry on Netflix via a new mobile game.

The fans of Stranger Things can extend their experience after Season 4 releases this summer. As new information about the first episode of Season 5 has just reached us, mobile game fans are now getting a new entry in the franchise, already available on Netflix. Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales lands in the catalog for all subscribers.

This is an arcade and puzzle game like you can see dozens of on mobile stores. The goal is to line up similar gems in order to trigger an attack against the demogorgon. During the games, the characters of the universe Stranger Things make appearances. We can notably see Dustin, Eddy, Eleven or even Mike, all redesigned for the occasion. A short story will accompany you through the levels, so connoisseurs will recognize certain key moments or places in the series.

This is the third game Stranger Things available on the platform after Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: the game. Netflix intends to capitalize on this extremely popular license, especially after a season 4 finale. The other two titles are also pixel art adventure games, which were among the first additions to the platform just a year ago. year.

A VR game on the way

But this is not the only surprise that the firm has reserved for us. Indeed, Netflix announces that a virtual reality game is indeed in preparation, which seems centered around the events of the last burst of episodes. From winter 2023, you will be able to embody Vecna ​​in this adventure game with a pronounced graphic style. Netflix explains that Stranger Things VR will be available on all virtual reality platforms without specifying which ones. More information will be shared over the next few months.

How to enjoy Netflix mobile games?

If you are a Netflix subscriber, nothing could be simpler. Open your mobile app, and at the bottom of your screen, click on the games tab. You will then have an overview of everything you can download. Don’t hesitate to test some of the games on offer, it’s a privilege for the moment at no additional cost, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. You can check out the full list of games available on the platform right here.

From RPGs, to simulation games, via arcade or even adventure titles, Netflix is ​​enriching its catalog with new entries more and more frequently, with many successful franchises as the key. Note, for example, the presence ofOxenfreeafter the firm bought the studio behind the game, from Lucky Lunaor Spiritfarer to recite nobody else but them.

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