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Netflix is ​​getting into PC games with a game already in the works



After mobile games, Netflix is ​​entering the PC games market with a first title to come.

Almost a year ago, Netflix announced its desire to get into video games. Since then, we have witnessed the release of around thirty mobile games directly on its platform, some of which are real big names in the world of video games. The firm also bought a few studios, including the one behindOxenfree, and opened some others. Six in number, they will now tackle a slightly larger segment of the sector.

According to job offers, spotted by, Netflix would seek labor to work on a PC game. The developers would work for the Netflix Games Studio, which was created just a month ago. This one is also directed by the former producer of the franchise Overwatch, we named Chacko Sonny. The job postings give us some juicy information about Netflix’s next project.

A banger to predict?

According to the job description for the chief engineer, it would be a AAA PC game, a third-person RPG developed on Unreal Engine, possibly the latest version of the graphics engine. In the game director job description, it says the studio is looking to develop a story that would be “worthy of a Netflix movie or series“. This could therefore mean that the work can be exported later and adapted as is the fashion on the platform.

Besides that, it looks like Netflix is ​​also looking for analysts, technical director, art director, and programmers. Everything remains to be built, we should not be able to get our hands on this game for a while. However, it remains an astonishing strategy on the part of the streaming giant, which is increasingly diversifying its activities.

In the meantime, you can still enjoy all Netflix mobile games, the latest addition of which is Sam Barlow’s title immortality. Released this summer on consoles and PC, the game is getting a second life with a mobile version exclusive to the platform. It is already available, as well as around thirty other titles, at no additional cost for subscribers to any of the firm’s formulas.

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