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Netflix takes on the long-awaited adaptation of Gears of War



Years after the project began, the Gears of War movie will finally see the light of day thanks to Netflix.

There are sometimes projects in the world of cinema, as in any industry, which struggle to see the light of day for various reasons. The film inspired by the video game saga Gears of War is definitely part of it, although the idea had been put forward more than 10 years ago now. We can not even say that fans of the franchise are still waiting for this adaptation as it has been desired over the years.

However, a glimmer of hope, brighter than ever, is now visible at the end of the tunnel. Netflix announces on Twitter that the firm has just bought the license rights and that several projects are now underway. It is not one, but two adaptations that we expect, in the form of a film and an animated series. All orchestrated by the N rouge and the studio The Coalition, at the origin of the game Gears of War 4released nearly 16 years ago.

For the moment, Netflix has given absolutely no details on the content of these adaptations. The live-action film should no longer have anything to do with the first proposal. We do not know if it has been abandoned in order to start from scratch, or if it is a simple change of production, in which case Netflix has been working on a more or less known basis for a few years. .

Animation, or the recipe for success

For the animated series, the company is banking on what it is doing best at the moment and riding on the popularity of this type of content. After Arcane or cyberpunk edge runners, there is no doubt that Netflix knows how to go about touching the hearts of gamers thanks to the pencil strokes of its affiliated studios. However, we still do not know anything about its visual identity or the bias of the series. No image has been unveiled for the moment, so you will have to be patient to find out more in the future.

These are not the only two projects of the firm in the field of adaptations, which multiplies the productions with more or less success. Gears of War is not going to say its last word. Netflix specifies that the universe of the franchise is so rich that there will be no shortage of material to develop more stories after the film and the series.

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