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New US military aid | Longer range bombs for Ukraine



Washington is set to announce $2 billion in new military aid to Ukraine, most of which will be for the supply of a bomb with a range of 150 kilometers, which the United States did not have not allowed so far.

The device, called Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB), was designed by Boeing and Saab. It consists of a small diameter bomb (GBU-39) mounted on a rocket engine. Everything is sent from the ground with a multiple rocket launcher system.

The arsenal, which is estimated to cost 1.725 billion, will be purchased directly from the manufacturer through the US Ukraine Security Assistance Program. This allows the administration in place to buy weapons directly from the manufacturer instead of drawing them from army stocks.

For now, the missile systems offered to Ukraine had maximum ranges of 50 to 70 kilometers, except for those intended for anti-aircraft defense.

Last December, the United States refused a request from Ukraine to send ATACMS missiles with a range of almost 300 km. The GLSDBs will allow Ukrainian forces to hit targets far behind the Russian front line.

According to Reuters and the wall street journal

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