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New vocation for an emblematic Mile End warehouse



The iconic Van Horne warehouse in Mile End will change its vocation to house a hotel, offices and businesses, according to a project submitted to the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough, on which citizens are called upon to vote. by poll, an unusual procedure.

“It’s an exceptional building, and that’s why we’re offering an additional layer of consultation, an exceptional measure, because we’re aware that it’s delicate,” explains city councilor Marie Plourde, who represents the Mile End district.

“It is an emblematic building, where we find the only water tower on the Plateau-Mont-Royal. It has a particular and unique shape, so the heritage value is proven. It’s part of the landscape, when you think of Mile End. »


A project for the Van Horne warehouse has been submitted to the Plateau Mont-Royal borough

500 responses in three hours

The borough posted online Monday morning at 9 a.m. the description of the project, submitted by the promoter Rester Management, for preliminary consultations.

A sign of citizens’ interest in this building, 500 people responded to the survey on the proposal during the first three hours.

We suspected that it was going to be a rather polarizing subject. The building, some find it super beautiful, others find it super ugly. Same thing for the proposed project: some think it’s a great idea to have a hotel and offices, while for others, it’s catastrophic.

Marie Plourde, municipal councilor

The counselor herself does not yet comment on the submitted project; it prefers to wait to know the opinion of the citizens.

Rester Management has not yet officially submitted its plan to the municipal authorities. Depending on the results of the survey, the developer could decide to abandon his project or even modify it, says Marie Plourde.

If the project continues its progress with the borough, there could be a request for the signing of a register to require a referendum.

“Enhancing urban life”

The Van Horne warehouse, built in 1924, wedged between the avenue of the same name and the Canadian Pacific railway line, at the corner of Saint-Laurent boulevard, is currently used to store documents.

The developer proposes to keep the brick structure, but to drill many windows on seven floors, in addition to adding a canopy on the roof.

“The project will host offices and creative workshops, a hotel, shops, restaurants, a café and a public roof terrace. This mix of uses will enhance urban life and the dynamism of this sector bordering the Plateau Mont-Royal,” indicates the presentation document, prepared by designer Zébulon Perron and architect Thomas Balaban.

A garage located on the west side of the building will be demolished to allow for a modern extension. The promoter sees it as “an opportunity to activate a dead section of Mile End”.

“The proposed project makes the building accessible to the population, and makes it an anchor in the northwest of the borough. One of the main objectives is to achieve global development, based on not only economic but also social diversity. »

On the borough’s Facebook page, there were many reactions throughout the day. Citizens doubted the merits of installing a hotel there and instead called for the construction of social housing, recalling the housing crisis in Montreal.

No housing near railway tracks

But Marie Plourde emphasizes that this is a private project and that the borough can only decide on the proposal, according to the rules in force.

In addition, the construction of housing is no longer permitted near railway tracks, following regulatory changes adopted after the Lac-Mégantic disaster, while hotels are not covered by this ban, adds the municipal councilor.

The borough’s planning advisory committee made numerous recommendations following the submitted proposal, in particular the enhancement of the water tower and the restoration of the signs painted on the building, which recall why it has first was built.

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