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NFT Solana (SOL) soon on the Exodus wallet with Magic Eden



The exodus of Solana – The year 2021 has been a pivotal year for the NFT ecosystem. Indeed, the latter has mainly developed on Ethereum (ETH) before also exploding on other blockchains. Among these blockchains, we find Solana (SOL), one of the main competitors of the network of the prince of cryptos.

Solana and the NFTs: a great love story

As we saw in the introduction, the ecosystem of non-fungible tokens (NFT) boomed in 2021. This was particularly the case on Ethereum thanks to platforms, such asOpenSea.

However, facing theincreased transaction fees on the blockchain-queen of smart contracts, many projects have emerged on other less expensive networks. Alternately, Polygon (MATIC), the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) or even Solana (SOL), saw the emergence of NFT buying and selling platforms.

In the specific case of Solana, the rise of NFTs was led by the platform Magic eden which is, to date, the second platform that attracts the most users to Solana. Indeed, in the last 7 days, the latter has attracted more than 64,000 users, for a cumulative volume of $ 124 million.

5 Solana first dApps - Magic Eden second
Ranking of Solana’s top 5 dApps – Source: DappRadar

We can also cite the SolaJump and Solanart platforms which offer NFTs.

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Exodus announces partnership with Magic Eden

Exodus is a crypto wallet that offers support for more than 150 different cryptocurrencies, hosted through various blockchains. On December 17, the Exodus teams have announcement a partnership with the NFT buy and sell platform Magic eden.

Exodus Twitter publication - Magic Eden partnership
Exodus publication – Source: Twitter

This partnership will allow users to store their precious NFTs on the Exodus mobile wallet. In addition, users will be able toto explore the different NFT collections on Solana via a search function.

Integration of the platform into the desktop version of the wallet should be rolled out in the coming months. The choice fell on Solana because of its costs transaction extremely low in comparison with Ethereum.

“On OpenSea, people are going to see a gas price of 40, 50, 60 dollars for maybe a 5 dollars NFT. They will panic. We therefore chose Solana because of the cost and speed of the transaction. It just made sense for us. “

JP Richardson, CEO of Exodus

This partnership marks the last integration of Solana by Exodus. It started with the possibility of storing SOL tokens as well as staking them directly from the Exodus wallet.

Unfortunately, all is not rosy for Solana. Indeed, the network faces a wave of DeFi bots which push the network to its limits. It even went offline twice in the past few months.

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