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Nintendo advances the release of one of the most anticipated games of 2022



Surprise for JRPG fans since Nintendo suddenly announces that one of its most anticipated games of the year will be released sooner than expected.

If you had planned to spend a summer in the sun enjoying the good weather and outdoor activities before locking yourself up in September to play the new title of the saga Xenobladeyour plans will change drastically.

Presented a few weeks ago, the third episode of the saga Xenoblade had already surprised players with an unexpected announcement during the Nintendo Direct on February 9. The surprise around this title continues to grow with a very rare decision in the world of video games : that of advancing the release date of a game, and not just a little!

Nintendo has just made an astonishing announcement and revealed that the highly anticipated Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will finally come out two months ahead of its originally scheduled September release date.

Thus, it will be possible to explore the extended areas and discover the story of this brand new JRPG from the start. next July 29. This sudden announcement is also accompanied by a new trailer to continue to raise the anticipation:

MONOLITHSOFT the undisputed king of RPGs

After two episodes that conquered the hearts of JRPG fans, and having helped during the development of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildMONOLITHSOFT studio returns to prove their expertise in the field with a new installment of their acclaimed RPG series.

This one will probably not fail to mark the spirits with a story featuring two new protagonists by the name of Noah and Mio at the heart of a war between two nations.

Nintendo is also taking advantage of this sudden announcement to unveil a collector’s edition of the game which will be available only through the MyNintendo Store. It will include the game, as well as an exclusive steelbook and artbook.

One thing is certain, this addition to Nintendo’s hybrid console toy library will occupy the last months of the summer for many players who are passionate about adventure.

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