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Nintendo and G-SHOCK honor Mario with an exclusive collaboration



Aficionados of Big N goodies will be able to proudly wear the colors of the mustachioed mascot on their wrist.

Here is a shock collaboration that sets the record straight. Mario is a regular at the Tic-Tac Clock and now he’s back with a new collector’s watch. After the dials signed Tag Heuer which cost more than a new car, the mustachioed plumber is teaming up with G-SHOCK to offer a much more affordable alternative. Mario’s early adventures on the NES are showcased on a colorful watch model. Fans of retro games and bright colors of the 80s will be able to wear this accessory which does not hesitate to go into detail.

Credits: G-SHOCK / Nintendo

With a bracelet in the colors of the pixel sprite that we all know (for a rather effective camouflage effect), the object also comes to make use of the designs of the game from which it is inspired, directly on the dial. A cleverly placed Koopa shell reveals Mario jumping on it by activating the watch’s backlight. A nice nod to this technique that the most seasoned geeks know how to use in order to obtain an infinite number of lives in the various adventures of the mustachioed plumber since Super Mario Bros. in 1985.

Credits: G-SHOCK / Nintendo

The 8-bit digital fonts on the dial also reinforce the retro aspect that should satisfy fans of the genre. To find this beautiful accessory to wear on the wrist, it will cost you 149€. This not-to-be-missed limited edition will be available for sale from November 8 at the G-SHOCK Store in Paris, where of course the brand’s official website.

Special collaboration requires, it comes with a small metal box of the most beautiful effect. This unique packaging also contains a note from Nintendo’s plumber. As the end-of-year celebrations approach, this watch promises to be a nice surprise to offer to fans of the emblematic character who are not afraid to display its bright colors on their wrist. It’s Mario time (literally)!

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