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Nintendo announces the inevitable for E3 2023



Nintendo is breaking a tradition this year by not participating in E3 2023. Will the show recover?

In a few months, players will finally be able to visit the E3 show in Los Angeles in person. This year, which was to mark the great return of the video game gathering, will however have to recover from several hard knocks. The rumors are gradually being confirmed, and it starts with Nintendo declaring that it will not participate in E3 2023 for timing reasons.

So IGN was right on that point. A few weeks ago, the media unofficially announced that the three giants (Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation) would not be going to E3 this year. For Nintendo, the announcement is now official. In a press release sent to the media Engadgetthe studio explains:

We approach our participation in any event on a case-by-case basis and are always considering different ways to engage with our fans. As this year’s E3 show was not in our plans, we took the decision not to participate. However, we have always been and remain a strong supporter of ESA [organisateurs du salon] and E3.”

No Nintendo Direct at E3

Following Breath of the Wild is it in question? Players are aware that E3 is always held between the beginning and the middle of June. This year, the event takes place from June 13 to 16… a month right after Nintendo’s biggest release, namely The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Expected for a few years, the continuation of Link’s adventures will no longer have any secrets for fans by June.

Nintendo no longer really has any interest in taking part in the festivities, and will surely organize its own Direct to celebrate the release of the game with great fanfare, which is likely to be voted game of the year alongside Hogwarts legacy. Nintendo does not close the door to the show, however, and could very well return next year if it is consistent with the internal plans of the studio.

For the moment, the other giants of the industry have not yet given any news on their participation. If we know that PlayStation has been avoiding this kind of event for a few years now, Xbox has meanwhile promised a conference in June, without specifying whether it officially joined the E3 schedule. The organizers declare in any case that preparations are progressing and that the absence of major studios will not impact the progress of the show.

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