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Nintendo buys animation studio and renames it Nintendo Pictures



Nintendo has big ambitions in film and television. While the animated film featuring Mario will be released in theaters in the spring of 2023, the big name in video games has announced the surprise acquisition of animation studio Dynamo Pictures.

Nintendo returned to the cinema by the back door after the unsuccessful attempt in 1993 to adapt Super Mario Bros. in real shots. In 2019, Detective Pikachu proved that it was technically possible to intelligently adapt Nintendo icons in theaters, but also and above all that there was an appetite for this kind of film.

Tons of licenses to adapt to the cinema

In 2023, the creator of some of the most famous video game franchises in the world will try his luck again with an animated film dedicated to Mario, which will be voiced by Chris Pratt. Without waiting for the box office results of this highly anticipated film, Nintendo announced the acquisition of Dynamo Pictures, renamed Nintendo Pictures.

Dynamo Pictures has produced animations for dozens of video games, including Persona 5, Catherine: Full Body and Death Stranding. The company also did post-production on Metroid: Other M. The new subsidiary will focus on “ the development of visual content using Nintendo’s intellectual property “, specified the group. We can also think that Nintendo Pictures will continue its work on CGIs for games.

Nintendo does not reveal all its projects of course, but the licenses imagined by the publisher over the years are so rich that you just have to look to guess the full potential of an adaptation of Zelda, Metroid, F-Zero… L he announcement comes after the spectacular success of the two episodes at the cinema of sonic.

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