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Nintendo confirms the death of the eShop on 3DS and Wii U (and it’s coming soon)



Formalized for some time, the closure of the Nintendo eShop finally finds its date and the end clap will not be long.

That’s it : it’s the end for the Nintendo eShop on the 3DS and Wii U consoles. Indeed, the Kyoto firm has just sounded the death knell for these two versions of its online store. It will soon no longer be possible to download games and their additional content. Do not panic to have on the side of the servers which will remain very active even after the closing of the virtual shops.

However, the transition will not happen overnight and Nintendo has just unveiled the different stages of deactivating services for its two consoles. In order not to get lost and better understand how this closure will unfold, here are the details for the coming months for 3DS and Wii U players.

A major step next month

The August 29, 2022 deadline fell several months ago, but Nintendo is taking the opportunity to make a final reminder as this deadline is fast approaching. As of today, it will no longer be possible to top up funds in your Nintendo eShop 3DS and Wii U account, regardless of the payment method..

As such, in-store supply cards will no longer be compatible with these platforms and will only work for the Nintendo Switch. However, if you have download codes for games or DLC, know that these will work until the eShop is closed for good.

In 2023: more purchases!

The most important date remains the one that has just fallen. On March 27, 2023, the 3DS and Wii U stores will close their doors permanently and no purchases will be possible.. So, if you’re hesitant to offer yourself some latest software before the eShop closes, you can think about it until next year, provided you have filled your virtual wallet before August 28th.

In addition to this, Nintendo is taking special measures for the game Fire Emblem Fates. This title offering a very particular format with a story per cartridge and a final scenario downloadable as DLC, the Kyoto firm is planning an early closing to avoid disappointment. Thus, the title will be removed from the eShop as of February 28, 2023, but the additional paths of the scenario will be available until the end of March.

This game is the perfect example of the excesses of online shops. HASfter this permanent closure, it will be impossible to access the title in its entirety unless you get the collector’s version of the game with all the tracks on one cartridge, or by other much less legal means. The conservation of video games is finally jeopardized by the new virtual formats imposed. These kinds of problems will now be repeated periodically as manufacturers move to another generation of consoles.

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