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Nintendo no longer wants nudity in video games



Nintendo is not a fan of uncensored content and will make that clear to developers.

The Nintendo Switch is the family console par excellence. Widely used by parents and their children, the platform is the refuge of many games accessible as much in the gameplay as in the visual identity of the license. But this is not the case for all titles, and Nintendo intends to enforce its law. On Nintendo Switch, you could until now find games for adults.

We’re not talking about horror games here, but rather Hentai-inspired titles, of which Gamuzumi is one of the publishers. The latter complained on Twitter about Nintendo’s new policy, which now officially censors all games containing nudity. The studio explains:

We received a response from Nintendo and now have confirmation that they no longer allow uncensored boobs on their consoles. Basically, obscene content could harm the brand and violate its policies. This means that from now on all games featuring bare breasts must be censored and that is why our game (Hot Tentacles Shoot) was rejected in the first place.”

It’s a disaster for a number of publishers, although Nintendo is not known for its openness. The firm, however, defended itself from not being behind the request for censorship of Bayonetta in its next game scheduled for October 28. Hideki Kamiya, game director at Platinum even explained that Nintendo would have appreciated more nudity:

“I see a lot of people bringing up Nintendo when it comes to talking about nudity in Bayonetta, but when we were working on porting Bayonetta 1, Bayonetta 2 and Bayonetta 3, the only suggestion we got was for the costume of Link in Bayonetta 1 and 2, and the fact that he should have been a bit more revealing. No bias influenced this aspect of the game, and I think players can enjoy it without worrying about what it might have been.”

Either way, the tone is set. Adult game developers will now have to censor their content if they don’t want to be kicked off the platform.

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