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Nintendo Switch Sports | Return to base game ★★★★



Forget special effects Mario Tennis Ace Where Golf: Super Rush, Nintendo Switch Sports fully utilizes the possibilities of the Joy-Cons to realistically immerse you in six sports. Good sweat guaranteed.

Amateurs who experienced the first Wii Sports released in 2006 will not be disoriented by its new version for the Nintendo Switch which lands on the shelves this Friday. We always use one or two controllers, which have become Joy-Cons here, to simulate the arm gestures that will be reflected on the screen. Two of the original games, tennis and bowling, have been retained, to which soccer, badminton, a sword game called chambara and volleyball have been added.

You can play alone against the computer or between four players in local mode, with the possibility of integrating up to two players online.

whip the opponent

Each sport is preceded by a short tutorial that quickly teaches you how to use your Joy-Con. The controls, very intuitive, essentially consist of doing with your controller what you would do on the ground. In volleyball, tennis, badminton, soccer, or bowling, you swing your arm up and down to receive the ball, ball, or shuttlecock, toss it through the air in any direction you choose, and kick it to win the point.


And it works surprisingly well. It only takes a few minutes to become a very honest volleyball player who receives the ball, passes it to his partner and sends a hard-hitting smash. Of the six sports offered, it is also the one that seemed the most realistic to us and that requires the most physical effort. Started sitting on an armchair, our first contact made us quickly realize that we had to get up to give our all in these four-player matches.

Tennis and badminton are also quite successful. In the first, in particular, we have the opportunity to control the ball well, to make our two opponents walk – these are doubles matches – and to finish them off with a good whipping stroke. The controls are relatively straightforward for the serve, which almost automatically lands in the right spot, but gets tricky when it comes to returning a ball. The rule is that the later you react, the less control you have and the less risk of hitting your ball out of bounds.

fantasy soccer

We put the pedal soft on the special effects that Nintendo has accustomed us to in this type of game. No big star explosions, no transformation into a giant or a warrior turtle, only four childish characters who screen and of which we control all the bodily or clothing details.


Soccer is arguably the least realistic of the six sports, with a gigantic ball that you have to push with your foot and send into an exploding bay window. But we added an interesting element here: the Joy-Con can be attached to the leg, forcing you to actually make the gesture with the lower body to control the ball.

The game of saber is a curiosity, fun for a few minutes and which essentially consists of hitting your opponent to knock him off a platform. It seems to us to be an intruder in the concept. As for bowling, where you can play four players simultaneously, each in his lane, it is well designed and rather easy. Contrary to real life, we have the possibility of aiming very precisely for the pin that will knock down all the others, which made us multiply the strikes. We can add a little touch of whimsy in a special mode where obstacles walk your way.

We are also promised this fall an update with golf.

The verdict

Nintendo Switch Sports offers what the Japanese video game veteran does best, co-op games for the whole family. Nothing revolutionary here, but we got back to basics here, relying more on the simulation of movement on the screen with the joysticks than the crazy animations that accompanied the latest works of the genre. This is of course an imitation that will not make the player an expert in these sports: the controls are shifted and the movements have their own logic that has little to do with reality.

But here we have enough to spend good hours in friendly confrontation.

Nintendo Switch Sports


  • Rating: 10+
  • Released: April 29, 2022
  • Price: $49.99

Rating: 4 out of 5

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