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Nintendo Switch Sports revives the Wii Sport era and its broken TVs



The days of clumsy gamers smashing their TVs in front of a video game are well and truly back with Nintendo Switch Sports.

“Please, think of the strap!” It’s a phrase that must have been around a lot in Nintendo’s offices when it came out. Wii Sports almost 16 years ago, and it must still be the case today. Since April 29, when Nintendo Switch Sports was finally released and we were able to test it, it seems that broken televisions have invaded living rooms around the world, and in particular those of streamers, the proof in video.

As in Wii Sports, Nintendo Switch Sports is played using the Joy-Con gyroscope and therefore requires players to make fairly sudden movements for their character to do the same. And with this edition, the sports offered by Nintendo are not easy. As a reminder, you can play football, chambara, tennis, bowling, badminton and volleyball.

At each start of the game, Nintendo warns that it is imperative to play with the strap around the wrist. Unfortunately, a lot of gamers still think it’s dispensable and most often see their controller crashing into the screen.

A little friendly advice: block your wrist strap

But unlike the days of the Wii, putting on the wrist strap is no longer enough. Indeed, to make it usable you must first slide it with the small black part on your Joy-Con, then block everything! Many forget this important step, which nevertheless ensures that the black part does not come off. To do this, you must therefore press the small white pusher until you hear a click.

In addition to these precautions, don’t forget to respect the safety distances, with the TV, but also with the other players if there are any. It would still be a shame to leave with a black eye even though Nintendo has not brought boxing up to date. And if you are nostalgic for the time Wii Sports, no need to break your TV, go to YouTube to watch the best compilations on the subject! Otherwise, here are the 3 sports that we would like to see back in future updates.

I’m tempted by Nintendo Switch Sports

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