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Noah warns for “Wemby”



While Victor Wembanyama should arrive in the NBA next season, Joakim Noah said defending the current Boulogne-Levallois player will not be easy and calls for support on his debut on the other side of the Atlantic. .

The NBA is waiting for him and, to wait, broadcasts its matches with Boulogne-Levallois in the United States. This phenomenon is Victor Wembanyama and he leaves no one indifferent. While the strong winger of the Mets was able to make contact with former glories of the North American league including Magic Johnson, but also his commissioner Adam Silver. On this occasion, he was also able to meet Joakim Noah, elected best defender of the NBA in 2014. The latter recently broached the subject Victor Wembanyama during an interview granted to the podcast First Team. Asked how to defend on “Wemby”, the son of Yannick Noah confided all the good he thought of his compatriot. ” It’s complicated huh… I think it’s a question… I’m glad I’m not in the NBA when he arrives, I’m not going to lie to you because he’s really another animal “said the former Chicago Bulls player.

Noah: “We will have to support him”

But, while Victor Wembanyama should take the plunge at the age of 19, Joakim Noah assures us that we should not fall on him with short arms on his debut in the North American league. ” Now we’re gonna have to support him, and he’s gonna have ups, he’s gonna have downsassures the player with 22 selections in the jersey of the France team. And it’s up to us, everybody, to put up with it because it’s… Potential level, we’ve never seen anything like this. “Under the rule of Vincent Collet this season in Boulogne-Levallois in order to prepare in the best conditions his arrival in the NBA during the 2023-2024 financial year with potentially the label of first choice of the Draft, which would be unprecedented for a Frenchman Victor Wembanyama will be able to count on the unconditional support of his peers, including Joakim Noah in the months and years to come.

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