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Nolk gets 30 million to grow in the responsibly sourced goods market



The young Quebec company Nolk, which brings together suppliers of residential and personal goods that are of responsible origin, obtains 30 million in growth financing from a group of investors which includes the Solidarity Fund and Fondaction , as well as the federal crown corporation EDC (Export and Development Canada) and the investment firm Panache Ventures, based in Montreal.

In business for four years, Nolk has built up a portfolio of about ten brands and manufacturers of residential or personal use products that are designed and manufactured according to the most recent sustainable and responsible development standards.

Among Nolk’s recent acquisitions are Ergonofis, a Montreal manufacturer of ergonomic quality office furniture, as well as Opposite Wall, also of Montreal, which designs and markets wall decoration items.

Also, to promote the development of so-called sustainable and responsible consumer goods companies, Nolk has developed an electronic commerce platform called “GeniusWire” which allows them to perform high-precision market analyses.

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