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nothing can stop the speedrunners!



A new player sets an extraordinary record on the Elden Ring, dropping below the 10-minute mark.

Since its release on February 25, Elden Ring went from game of the year to speedrunning in just a few weeks. The crazier announcements then followed each other, and the last one we covered listed a general speedrun of less than 30 minutes, as well as another, longer, but without attacking the enemy once. This weekend, this record was largely beaten, by a player named Distortion 2which already held previous records.

Less than 10 minutes to Elden Ring!

He succeeded this time in finishing Elden Ring in just 8 minutes and 56 seconds, passing under the symbolic bar of 10 minutes. His achievement is due to a teleportation glitch, otherwise known as Zip Glitch, which he knew how to exploit perfectly and with great care. Indeed, this glitch is very far from being within the reach of all players and you will surely need a lot of practice to master it.

The Zip Glitch involves standing on guard for a few seconds and then stepping forward, which instantly teleports you. Only here, to succeed in this sleight of hand, there are some fairly specific conditions. It’s a glitch that plays with the frame rate per second and everything is incredibly precise. To maximize his chances, the streamer therefore chose the Vagabond class, so that his character would be heavier and therefore slower, and opted for a low resolution.

Even more speedruns

And if you thought he was done with the game, think again. The player intends to beat his own record, before someone else does it in his place, and would like to go under the 7-minute mark, by mastering the Zip Glitch more and surely by exploiting other flaws.

On the French side, records could well burst during SpeedDons, a festival dedicated to speedrunning which sees many players compete for 3 days, and whose profits are donated to the Médecins du Monde association. however, Elden Ring doesn’t seem to care about the competition, which focuses on older, more iconic titles. Nevertheless, we know that speedrunners around the world are not going to stop there!

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