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Sony formalizes the presence of exclusive demos for some of the future PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Since May 23, the video game sphere has been turned upside down due to the release of Sony’s new PlayStation Plus formulas in Asia (except Japan). We then have a better overview of what will soon be offered to us, not only at the level of the catalog of games, but also at the level of the other advantages which constitute the subscriptions. Today we learn almost officially that one of the formulas will offer exclusive playable demos.

A confirmed rumor

This follows rumors that Sony would require demos from many studios, including for all games released for sale on the PlayStation Store with a wholesale value over $32. If this information has not been precisely confirmed, Asian players do however have access to demos as part of their subscription, even on recent titles not present in the catalog.

This advantage, reserved for Premium subscribers, gives them, for example, access to five-hour demos on titles such as Cyberpunk 2077 or Horizon: Forbidden West. A duration which therefore greatly exceeds the two hours that the leakers had predicted. In terms of content, we do not know for the moment if these trials allow you to start a game directly – which you can resume if you buy the game – or if they transport you to a specific level of the game, or even to a closed area specially created for the demo.

The PS Plus Premium is getting richer day by day

Overall, this is great news for future PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers, who will definitely get their money’s worth. This feature will allow players to form an opinion on titles otherwise available at a high price, and not regret their purchase afterwards. Note that it also does not seem to be excluded that games with a wholesale value of less than €32 can also offer demos if they wish.

We will have a clear answer within a month, when the service is released in our green regions, or as international news continues to reach our ears. Note that with the Premium subscription, you also have access to a catalog of 700 games, including classics from all previous PlayStation consoles available for streaming. This formula is available at the price of €16.99 per month, €49.99 per quarter or €119.99 per year.

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