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Only 2 weeks after its release this game is a total flop



Yet eagerly awaited by fans of the first episode, this sequel has not yet lived up to expectations.

Early access to Kerbel Space Program 2 is far from having hit the bull’s eye. While the game struggled to win over our editorial staff, it also failed to win over the community. If the space simulation signed Intercept Games and Take-Two had met with great success in its first iteration, the sequel is not the much hoped-for evolution for the franchise.

Kerbal Space Program 2 launched its early-access on February 24, not without some major problems. Between bugs punctuating the experience and dismal performance even on the most powerful machines, it is difficult to take advantage of the novelties of the simulation. Unfortunately, this difficult launch already seems to be staining the reputation of the title which does not even manage to attract more players than the previous version.

We don’t do better than the original (yet)

According to platform data Steam Charts, the passionate aerospace community prefers to set its sights on the version that has already proven itself. This Monday, March 6 at 3 p.m., 1316 people explored space in Kerbal Space Program 2, while 4197 players enjoyed the stability of the first game.

Knowing that Kerbal Space Program first of the name was released twelve years ago, it is even more surprising to discover the next-gen version to suffer such a failure. However, the situation could change in the coming weeks. In effect, the first major update will be deployed very soon in order to make the experience more fluid and up to expectations.

On the program, Intercept Games promises optimization on the side of processor use and loading times. The physics of the game should also benefit from many adjustments. Same thing for the lack of realism on the side of certain elements of the environment. All the details of the future patch can be found on the official post of the developers. The weeks and months to come will be decisive in ensuring the future of this episode with an already catastrophic reputation.

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