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Orelsan organizes a tournament on its own video game, how to participate?



If you are a fan of video games and Orelsan, then take part in the tournament organized on Civilization Fighters.

In the field of music, Orelsan is a real phenomenon, which has been gaining more and more momentum in recent years, and even more so since the release of its latest album entitled Civilization. The rapper/singer no longer has anything to prove about his writing genius and is now diversifying his activities. After a two-part documentary released on Amazon Prime Video, the artist organizes a new kind of video game tournament.

It is on Twitter that he announces the news, and the conditions of participation. Good news for fans who will see Orelsan in concert this fall, the event is (almost) exclusively for you. Indeed, on his site, the singer explains that for each of the dates of his tour, spectators will be able to try their hand at Civilization Fightersa fighting game developed by the artist himself.

The dates concerned are as follows:

  • October 25: Rouen Zenith
  • October 27: Caen Zenith
  • October 29: Rennes Music Hall
  • 6 November Strasbourg
  • November 12: Nantes Métropole Zenith
  • November 15: Halle Tony Garnier Lyon
  • November 20: Toulouse
  • November 21: Arkea Arena Bordeaux
  • November 26: Zenith Arena in Lille
  • November 29: Sud de France Arena Montpellier
  • November 30: The Dome Marseille

Currently, it is indicated that the selections are finished, but nothing is lost, other dates may be added in the coming days. It must be said that the artist has such a dedicated community that she was quick to claim her due.

A tournament that invites itself to Paris Games Week

Those who couldn’t find a place for these specific tournament-concerts, rejoice, you still have a few options to participate. Indeed, Orelsan announces that during Paris Games Week, which takes place from November 2 to 6, players will be able to take part in the selections via two game sessions. at the Asus ROG booth. This will happen on November 2 from 3 to 4 p.m. and November 5 from 1 to 2 come prepared.

If you want to know the program of the French show, go here. It will take place at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles as usual. However, it will invest only one hall this year, while the planned festivities seem titanic. Can we expect the presence of the singer at the event? Nothing is less certain, but one can always dream.

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