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Oscar Isaac is looking forward to this video game-inspired movie



The Metal Gear Solid film is slow to give its news, but Oscar Isaac is hopeful to see it born one day. Shortly ?

While video game adaptations have gone through a dark period, the past few years have seen several productions restore the image of this battered industry. We think in particular of the series Arcaneinspired by League of Legendsto movies sonic which have found their audience after some controversy, or even the series The Last of Us which we will discover in early 2023 but which already seems promising.

This is also a reminder that we are expecting several feature films inspired by video games, including a film devoted to Metal Gear Solid which is greatly desired. Oscar Isaac, who was given the lead role, returned to this long-awaited production in an interview dedicated to his graphic novel Head Wounds: Sparrow. Comic Book took the opportunity to ask him about the film, a question he hastened to circumvent. He declares :

We [lui et la production, nldr] want this to happen. Be enthusiastic. What is the scenario? What’s the story? What is the position? […] I am filled with hope that this will come to fruition because the project has so much potential. It’s an amazing game. It’s my favorite actually.”

A comeback for the license

The future interpreter of Solid Snake will therefore not reveal more but gives us a small glimmer of hope as to the upcoming arrival of the film. As a reminder, the feature film Metal Gear Solid has been in the plans of Hideo Kojima, the creator of the franchise, for a few years already with the first details appearing in 2019 and this directly from its director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. The filmmaker had notably worked on the film Kong: Skull Islandthe adaptation of the video game is therefore in good hands.

As of now, no release window has been shared, although rumors have it that Metal Gear Solid released by 2024 in cinemas. A possible proposal, but unlikely given the progress of the project and the little information we have on it. We also have no image to eat, and for only synopsis, we have these few lines:

War veteran, Solid Snake, infiltrates a nuclear weapons destruction facility to neutralize the terrorist threat from Foxhound, a renegade Special Forces unit.

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