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Overwatch 2 is a hit… on adult sites



Blizzard’s FPS is having a very difficult launch on console and PC but remains in top form on other platforms.

Since its release, it seems thatOverwatch 2 is at the heart of all search bars. The game undergoing many problems (which are for the most part still not resolved) pushes many players to seek solutions on forums and other specialized sites. This quest for the help of the community is probably explained by the feeling of abandonment of the players by the teams of Blizzard. Despite regular communication and public apologies, the title remains full of bugs of all kinds that can even cost a lot.

Faced with all these problems, some people seem to have given up queuing and disconnecting to go unpack otherwise. At least that is what our colleagues from Kotaku who discovered (don’t ask us how) that theD.Va’s character has topped the charts on adult content site PornHub. We understand better why there is never anyone to push the convoy or capture the point in the middle of the game…

A bottomless imagination

This is not the first time that the license Overwatch reached this kind of record. Indeed, part of the community has taken (a little too much) passion for the colorful cast of Blizzard’s FPS to the point of putting them into action in videos far from the concept of video games. Since 2016, each new release of a female character has been accompanied by a rise in popularity of keywords related to the game on adult sites. Despite everything, there seems to be something for everyone since Kotaku also found a search package for the character of Bastion, the robot gunner who also manages to find his audience against all odds.

The popularity of this kind of content is even more evident when you compare the scores made by a 3D animator’s Twitter and those of the official Overwatch account. A tweet announcing the export of character models fromOverwatch 2 for pornographic purposes got almost 4 times more likes than the official announcement of the short film centered on the character of Kiriko. Obviously, the shooting game on the coast, but it’s not the kind of shooting you think…

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